Needing Distance

Screenshot of Mark 3:7-12

Look up the word withdraw at and you’ll find a few definitions. There are a couple of noteworthy entries. The first is “to remove from consideration or set outside a group.” A second is “to remove oneself from participation.”

In today’s reading, Mark tells us about a second time Jesus withdrew.

The first time he departed to a desolate place to pray because the crowds made it difficult to do anything.

Now Mark tells us the Pharisees looked for an opportunity to destroy Jesus. So, he withdrew with His disciples to the sea.

Of course “a great crowd” followed them. He told his disciples to get a small boat ready so he could talk to them from the edge of the water. This was a way to protect Himself from being crushed by them. Even though the crowd followed, He was able to keep a safe distance.

If Jesus was needing distance. If He had to withdraw , don’t we? Of course we do. We all need time to protect ourselves from the crush of the crowds. We need time to pray.

Are you needing distance? When was the last time you withdrew? Is it time?

Work hard and smile often; maybe from a distance.

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