There are no lone wolves in the sheep fold.


Jesus sends out the twelve Mark 6:7-13 When Mark tells us about Jesus sending out the twelve, he tells us several things. First Jesus gave them authority to preach, to cast out demons, and to heal. Also, they couldn’t take extra supplies which forced them to rely on God’s provision. The disciples were also to brush […]

Sermon: What Faith Works

Posted sermon covers the passages covered in the previous week’s readings. We read Mark 5:14-6:6 during those daily bible readings. This sermon looks at the cord of belief & unbelief that runs through each of these accounts.   The Demoniac of the Gadarenes Jairus’s Appeal The Woman with the Issue of Blood Jairus’s Daughter Raised […]

Sermon: Satanic Strategy & Blasphemy


This sermon focuses on the second half of Mark chapter 3. We see Jesus’s authority as He faces opposition and Him drawing crowds of people to himself. There are two important themes in this section of scripture. The first shows Jesus explaining to the scribes why his power can’t come from Satan. The second is […]