There are no lone wolves in the sheep fold.

photo of sheep in the mountains
Jesus sends out the twelve
When Mark tells us about Jesus sending out the twelve, he tells us several things. First Jesus gave them authority to preach, to cast out demons, and to heal. Also, they couldn’t take extra supplies which forced them to rely on God’s provision. The disciples were also to brush the dust off their feet as a testimony against anyone who refused to show them hospitality.
These are all important. A person could preach an entire sermon over any one of these things. What strikes me is that Jesus sent the Apostles out in pairs.
We talk about the awesome works of Moses, but Moses had Aaron. The great Apostle Paul started with Barnabas. At other times he interchanged Silas and Timothy and even Mark himself. Still at other points Paul leaned on and mentored Priscilla & Aquila. The point is, they did ministry together.
We all need people. We need witnesses. We need helpers. We need mentors. We need mentees. We need each other. Jesus is a shepherd, and we are His sheep. If a sheep wanders alone the shepherd is supposed to go find it. Sheep belong in a herd. A church isn’t one person either. Jesus said where two or three are gathered together, He is with them. The word church means assembly. A person can’t assemble by themselves.
Who are you serving God with? If you don’t have a herd of your own, let me encourage you to find one. There are no lone wolves in a sheepfold.