What’s your reason for serving God?

Daily Devotional 1.20.2020 – Joshua 24:16-18 – The People Commit to God

Joshua charged the congregation to remain committed to serving God after his death. He concluded by telling the people they had to choose between the LORD God of Israel or the local gods. Then he closed by telling them he and his house would serve Jehovah God.

The people’s response is recorded in today’s reading. Click here to read the passage for yourself.

They gave five reasons why they were committed to God. 1) The LORD delivered them from slavery in Egypt. 2) The mighty signs He performed. 3) He also preserved them in the wilderness. 4) Then He drove out the inhabitants of Canaan. 5) He is their God.

Like the ancient Israelites, as I reflect on why I serve God, I remember the things God has done for me. I remember Him healing my son Matthew at 15 months old. Later on, I also remember going to the mailbox to find an unexpected check during a tight financial time. And many more. I have countless blessings that serve as God’s fingerprints on my life.

If you look back, what has God done for you? If you don’t see anything I encourage you to ask God to open your eyes to what He’s done. I promise, it’s a lot. That’s a good reason for serving God.

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