Sermon: Introduction to Mark’s Gospel

Sermon: 2.2.2020 – “An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark”

Today’s message was an introduction to the Gospel of Mark. It looks into who Mark was, the source of his information and his intended audience. As we prepare to dive into his account of Jesus’s life and ministry, we want to make sure we understand him.

Here are some takeaways from today’s sermon.

  1. Presents Jesus’s actions and people’s reaction to them.
  2. Shaped from Peter’s eyewitness accounts
  3. Justin Martyr, writing about A.D. 150, referred to the Gospel of Mark as “the memoirs of Peter”
  4. Peter referred to [John] Mark as his son in 1 Peter 5:13.
  5. First mention was in Acts 12:11-12 where the church is praying for Peter’s release from prison at his mother’s house.
    **As a correction to something said in the video, Peter was not released from prison by an earthquake; that was the Apostle Paul. Peter was walked out of prison by an angel.**
  6. He was Barnabas’s cousin. Colossians 4:10
  7. Paul & Barnabas split over John Mark. Acts 15:36-41
  8. Paul & [John] Mark reconcile. 2 Timothy 4:11
  9. The theme of Mark’s Gospel is Jesus as the “Suffering Servant”. (Mark 10:42-45)

You can find the reading schedule through the first part of Mark by clicking here.