Identifying with people who need help

DAILY DEVOTIONAL 2.4.2020 – MARK 1:9-11 – The Baptism of Jesus

What does Jesus’s baptism have to do with identifying with people?

Right after Mark tells us about John the Baptist’s humility, he goes immediately to Jesus’s baptism. In verses 9-11 of chapter 1, Mark describes John baptizing Jesus. His account is more matter-of-fact than the other gospel writers. They go into the water, and immediately after coming out of the water, the heavens open. Then God the Father proclaims He is “well pleased” with his Son Jesus.

Yesterday we read that John was “proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins,” but Jesus had never sinned. Then what is the reason for the Father’s pleasure with His Son at His baptism?

Another gospel writer gives us more insight. Matthew 3:15 says John protested because he didn’t feel worthy to baptize Jesus. Jesus responded by telling him they needed to “fulfill all righteousness.”

Jesus was already righteous, but he was identifying with unrighteous people. On the cross, He would accept the sins of all humans. By doing so, he identified with us in our sinful condition. He didn’t need repentance and forgiveness of sin. We do. He’s identifying with our sinfulness so He can show us the way to forgiveness.

At the cross He identified as a sinner and was crucified even though he never sinned. Before that He connected himself with the unrighteous at the Jordan River when He was baptized.

Jesus expects us to serve. We can start where He started. Linking ourselves with those who need help is a great place to begin.

Work hard and smile often.

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