The Power to Silence Enemies


Are there people in your life you’d like to silence? Forever? Of course. We all would.

Today’s reading in our SOAP schedule is in Mark 1:32-34. There are only three verses in this section of scripture, but they say a lot. The previous passage records Jesus healing Peter’s mother-in-law.

A new Jewish day started with the setting sun. With it Jesus starts another day of healing physical and spiritual problems.

The author records, “And the whole city was gathered together at the door. And He healed many.” Some received physical healing, while He removed the demons tormenting others. Not only did Jesus remove those demons, He also silenced them.

Verse 26 of the first chapter of Mark tells us that a demon recognized and acknowledged Jesus as the Son of God. He told that demon to be silent and forced it to leave its host.

He silenced them because it wasn’t time for Jesus to be recognized as the promised messiah. Not yet anyway. Only 6 verses later Mark tells us Jesus also “quieted” many others.

If Jesus has the ability to silence His enemies, I’m sure he can silence ours too. Our enemies are most likely not demons, but we’re all subject to His power and authority. If you’re battling with physical or spiritual enemies, ask Him to silence them. He has the power to do it. If he doesn’t, you can know there’s a good reason He didn’t. His is powerful AND trustworthy.

Work hard and smile often.

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