A Friend’s Faith

Mark 2:1-12

What’s the value of a friend’s faith? In Mark 2:1-12, we read about the healing of a man’s paralysis because of faith.

Healing by faith is a central theme throughout the bible. Being healed because of a friend’s faith is less common.

These verses tell us about Jesus sneaking back into Capernaum only to be discovered. The press of people was so strong there wasn’t room for one more person in the house. Four men found out Jesus was in town and decided to take their paralyzed friend for healing.  The crowd prevented them from getting to the healer.

Undeterred, they climbed up on the roof and began to make a hole in the roof. They either unthatched or untiled the roof, depending on that roof’s construction. This was a roof that was sturdy enough to support all types of activities. The family most likely slept on it during hot summer nights.

At any rate, it was not a shabby lean-to. It would have taken some real effort to make a hole big enough to lower a man on a stretcher and keep him flat.

When the falling dust and debris settled, down came this man. Jesus healed him because, “Jesus saw their faith.” You could argue that “their” included the paralyzed man’s faith, and I wouldn’t argue with you.

The simple truth is the man couldn’t have done that by himself. He needed the help of his four friends. His healing came because of his friend’s faith and faithful actions.

Let’s be the kind of friend that would go to extreme measures to bring our friends to Jesus. Let’s make sure they know we would.

Work hard and smile often.

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